It's time to quit glorifying failure

It is so discouraging and a true discrace to our society that we choose to make headline news out of people who cause death to others or themselves, only to continue to spread the news even more on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  What is wrong with people when they feel that it's Ok to glorify these individuals by positing or "sharing" a story of someone who they have no business mentioning.  I'm not saying that people don't have a right to express themselves, to have an opinion, or to post whatever they want to on their page.  But what kind of person are you who feels it appropriate to spread news about someone who commits such a horrible act.

It doesn't matter how many #1 hits they had, or how many touchdowns or sacks they had in a game.  It doesn't matter how many medals they won, or the odds that they overcame to do it.  The fact is they chose to make the decisions in their life that brought whatever event you're posting.  They chose to fill their lives with drugs, alcohol, abuse, or whatever the case may be.  They chose to pick up the gun, and they chose to end another person's life, their own, or both.  But yet this is the kind of person you want to post about because "She was a great country music singer", or "The way he tore through that offensive line was remarkable".

You are the reason why kids grow up desensitized to the violence that we see every day across the headlines.  It doesn't phase them when they see a news story about a robbery or killing because that's all they see in the first 15 minutes of every 1/2 hours news program.  And then they see you posting about a singer that committed suicide.  But what really goes through their mind is "She was mommy's favorite singer"...not that for the last few years she was arrested for drugs, skipped state with her son against a custody order, and finalized it all by pointing a gun to her head and pulling the trigger.  The simple act of posting it on your Facebook page is condoning what she has done, and the life that she chose to lead.  And as if no one else has any idea what happened, you feel it your duty and obligation to let everyone know.

That simple act alone makes YOU the discrace to society.


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