Gotta love job recruiters

I am secure in my job, and love the field that I have chosen.  And if the time ever comes that I may feel that it's time to move on, I look at the job boards and maybe contact a few agencies that I've worked with in the past.

One thing that I absolutely hate though is when I get emails or LinkedIn messages from recruiters trying to "network" with me to fill positions that they have.  So many times I've looked at the positions that they are filling only to find that that I'm either not qualified for the job, don't have enough experience in a particular field, or simply lack the skills required to even be considered for the position.  Now don't get me wrong. I've been a professional .Net Software Engineer for almost a decade now, and my resume speaks for itself. I have a variety of experience in a large number of areas, but I'm no "guru" in any one discipline. But too many times have I been embarrassed during an interview because I have o say "Umm...I don't really have too much experience in that area" all because a recruiter either failed to let me know what the company is looking for, or tried to pass me off as someone who knew more than I stated in my resume.

As a result, I have come up with an effective response letter that I've been sending out to recruiters who could care less who they send messages to.  This particular letter is one that I have used at least a dozen times on LinkedIn messages.  In my profile it EXPLICITLY states not to contact me with job offers, etc., but yet I STILL get messages at least 3 or 4 times a week from some recruiter who doesn't know how to read.

Dear Recruiter,

If you would have taken the time to review my profile you would clearly see that I am not interested in receiving messages regarding employment and/or career opportunities. I respectfully ask that you remove my contact information from your database, social networking contact list, or any other notepad you may have written it down on, and no longer contact me regarding employment positions that you are trying to fill. 

With that said, your actions are the exact reason why people (myself included) have issues working with recruiters. People in your line of work have little to no respect for the individuals that you are trying to fill your positions with, and once again you have proven it by completely ignoring my statements in my profile. I applaud the fact that you are a contributing member to society, but that is where it ends. The simple fact is that you reach out to people by briefly skimming over their resume as opposed to reading it more thoroughly before contacting them with irrelevant messages. By that action alone you are doing nothing more than putting bodies in front of your client in desperate hopes that one of them will pan out. In the end you accomplish nothing more than a bad reputation for you and for your industry. 

Additionaly, even if I were interested in receiving job offers, it would be a complete waste of my time to deal with you since very few of the requirements for this position match anything on my resume. The next time you decide to contact someone you might want to take 10 seconds to make sure that the person you're reaching out to is even remotely qualified, and at least has SOME experience in the ares needed for the job. Show me ONE single place on my profile that says that I have the required experience in (**Insert skillset here**). The simple answer is that you can't, which only further solidifies my previous statements regarding you reading (or better yet NOT reading) my resume.

Furthermore, if you can't respect my wishes my now, what makes you think that I would even remotely entertain the idea making you money by filling the position you are advertising? I have enough knowledge and experience to fill almost any position that you have, but wouldn't give you the time of day because you obviously don't care about me as a person, which is how you attempt to portray yourself in your "nice as pie" email.

Because of your actions you have just earned a spot on my publicly available list of recruiters who are nothing more than inconsiderate, money-hungry jerks who have no regard for the people that they are trying to represent. Along with your name and company, anyone visiting my list will also see your LinkedIn profile, as well as any contact information that you have made public. Maybe after you receive a few hundred emails, phone calls, etc. from people who want to tell you how they really feel you may want to consider a career change. I'm sure that your company isn't going to appreciate the sharp decline in customers and/or clients all because of one jerk who can't read.



So far I've sent this response to a number of people. Two of them have responded with apologies, while one other (Nick Ricchiuto from B&V Staffing Inc) came back with insults. He then actually decided to read my profile, and when he saw that my profile did indeed say "no job offers" he responded with "Oh, I do see at the bottom of your page that you do not want to be contacted. My fault.". Since then Nick and I have ran into each other through his new employer, and we worked things out, this time with him being more professional. However, about two months after our initial bout the supposed owner of B&V Staffing Inc (Anthony Bucci) again contacted me. I fired of a copy of all of the messages between myself and Nick, and haven't heard from him since...until recently when his latest round of employees found me and decided to hit me up again as you can see.

Now comes the fun part.  Below is a list of recruiters who have personally contacted me EVEN THOUGH my LinkedIn profile clearly states the following message under the "Advice for Contacting Chris" section:

....*****RECRUITERS TAKE NOTICE***** - At this time I am not interested in entertaining job opportunities, nor do I wish to "network" with you in an attempt to solicit my friends or colleagues for any opportunity that you are trying to fill, so please do not contact me if that is your intent. I am tired of being contacted by recruiters looking to fill a position that I am not interested in and/or does not fit my skills and experience. Likewise I am not interested in, nor do I have the time to read messages that are asking me to do your job. I am not on your payroll, and unless you have the authority to extend an offer to do your job, DO NOT attempt to contact me.

And now for the Publicly Available List of Annoying Recruiters in order from newest to oldest:

This guy used to be a motorcycle and ATV salesman, and apparently thought he try his luck at recruiting. Here's a word of advice for him though...maybe you should actually know where someone is currently working before opening your message with a sentence that includes a company they have NEVER WORKED FOR!!! Better yet, how about actually reading their profile so that you can see in TWO LOCATIONS that they don't want to hear from recruiters.

Benjamin Wargo
Benjamin Wargo
Technical Recruiter at TEKsystems
Greater Pittsburgh Area | Information Technology and Services
LinkedIn profile

September 4, 2014

Hi Chris,

Hope everything is going well at GeoSpatial. Looking at your profile, it looks like you have a lot of experience several companies in the area are looking for. Don't know if you are looking or not, but feel free to give me a call one way or the other. I would be more than happy to let you know what we are seeing and what these companies are offering to give you a better idea of where you sit in the market. You can reach me at 412.919.3769

This guy's LinkedIn profile states in one of his bullet points "Develop and implement effective recruiting strategies in order to attract, screen, recruit, and select the best candidates available>". Apparently he's not very good at his job when he isn't very effective at reading when someone doesn't want to be contacted. So we add another one to the list of those who either can't read or don't want to take the time to read.

Justin Benson
IT Recruiter at Synergy Staffing, Inc
Greater Pittsburgh Area / Staffing and Recruiting
LinkedIn profile

June 25, 2014

Hi Chris,

I was hoping to get in contact with you regarding a fantastic opportunity I have available for a client of mine located in the Pittsburgh area. If you're interested in learning more, please send me your resume.

Your background looks great, and I'm hoping to have a few minutes of your time to discuss my clients.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration!

Best Regards,

Justin Benson
IT Recruiter
Synergy Staffing

Once again we have another idiot that obviously can't read the CLEARLY WRITTEN NOTICE on my LinkedIn profile declaring that I'm not interested in "networking" with any recruiters. You would think that these guys would actually take their jobs seriously, especially when he's apparently been with the company for 7 years. Obviously he's still a rookie, and has no clue how to show respect for people's wishes...or how to spell "fulltime"

Michael O'Hara
Michael O'Hara
Recruiting Director at Modis
Greater Pittsburgh Area / Staffing and Recruiting
LinkedIn profile

May 14, 2014

Hi Chris,

I am attempting to network through linkedIn in the hope of finding someone that would possibly be interested in hearing about a direct hire/fullitme Software Developer/Engineer Opportunity in the Pittsburgh area. I have several that I am currently recruiting. I am limited to a number of characters I can include in this message so am unfortunately unable to send you the job description. If you, or by chance anyone you know would be interested please let me know, and I can send you the job description. I can offer a $500 referral bonus on this position as well…..Thanks

Michael O’Hara
Recruiting Director
Modis Inc.
Phone: 724-743-6696
Toll Free: 1-800-745-4900

Once again we have the geniuses over at B&V Staffing who just can't quite grasp the concept of reading. Another request sent by someone who apparently hasn't graduated kindergarten yet to be able to read a profile before trying to contact someone and asking them the same exact question that is EXPLICITLY stated for the entire world to see. Of course he IS smart enough not to post a picture of himself.

Joe Mazzocchetti
Technical Recruiter at B & V Staffing
LinkedIn profile

November 12, 2013

I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. Are you entertaining full-time opportunities in Pittsburgh in a ASP NET environment? - Joe Mazzocchetti

So this guy is from the Atlanta, GA area and thinks that I'm going to trust him to find me a job here in Pittsburgh?  Let's take some bets that he has NEVER been to Pittsburgh, that he's barely even talked to any companies that are hiring IN the Pittsburgh area, and that he found my resume on one of the only 2 job boards that I even use, and decided that he would try and fill a position that he found on one of those 2 job boards.

Furthermore, once again we have another recruiter that briefed over my resume, saw that I have experience in a single area that he's supposedly looking for, and decided that I'm a genius in it even though I haven't used it as my main programming language since 2005. And he honestly thinks that I would even remotely entertain the idea of him representing me to a comapny...HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

Tom Watson
Tom Watson
Talent Acquisition Lead at Hitachi Consulting
Greater Atlanta Area / Information Technology and Services
LinkedIn profile

October 25, 2013

Hi Chris,

Thank you for opening this message. I am sending you this message because we are looking for a VB.NET Developer in Pittsburgh. Your background seems like a good fit for the role and I would love to spend a few minutes talking with you about the opportunity.

Here is a link to the job description:

If you are interested in speaking please let me know by sending a copy of your resume to If you are not in the market but can refer someone with a background like yours it would be greatly appreciated.

Tom Watson

Another great one from B&V Staffing. This chick sent me an invitation...but notice what she specified in the reqeust. Well, I guess if you consider my previous run-in with one of their ex-employees, as well as the later run-in with the owner, then I guess I have "done business" with (** see my other posts below **)

Gina Matolcsy
Gina Matolcsy
Recruiter at B&V Staffing, Inc
(412) 362-6513
LinkedIn profile

October 25, 2013

Gina has indicated you are a person they've done business with at B&V Staffing, Inc · I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. - Gina Matolcsy

Again, another example of someone not taking the time to read my explicit statement to recruiters in my profile. Welcome to the list've earned it.

Roy Ruhling
Strategic Sourcer for IT positions at Philips
LinkedIn profile

July 23, 2013

Dear Chris,

I am a corporate recruiter with Philips, the $30B global leader in Healthcare Innovations, Solid-State Lighting, and Consumer Lifestyle Solutions. Given your IT experience, your background caught my attention.

Philips is in the midst of operational and cultural transformation to drive accelerated growth through faster innovation, increased speed and quality of execution, and greater collaboration between markets and businesses. As a result, we have near term opportunities to consider best in class external talent for a technical business analyst with programming experience to work in our home healthcare services division in Monroeville, PA. You can find specific details at this link: . I’d appreciate the opportunity to have a quick call to be introduced and explore your thoughts/input. Would there be a good time for us to connect for just a few minutes sometime this week?

Please let me know.
Best regards,
O: 978-659-3894

This genius decided to send me an email and call me less than 10 minutes after I responded to his reported colleague's original message in which I clearly stated that I did not want to be contacted by anyone associated with his company. I also stated that continuing to call me would result in me pursuing "any and all remedies" to force them to quit. I guess he didn't get the memo, or that he chose to blatantly ignore it.

Furthermore, is just goes to show how non-professional he is in the simple fact that he didn't even address the message to me, even though he supposedly knew that his colleague already contacted me, and the he was following up. And, all this in a 15 minute period from the time stamp of the original email that I received. Unbelievable.

Kyle Cooper
Kyle Cooper
National Account Recruiter - Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS)
LinkedIn profile

7/17/13 @ 10:48AM


My name is Kyle Cooper and I am a National Account Recruiter with DISYS. I am following up to the email my colleague, Joseph Selvyn, recently sent you. If you are interested in the position please give me a call as soon as you can. The chances of you receiving an interview substantially increase the faster we get your profile submitted into the system.

I have reattached the job description below for your convenience:

Position Comments:
This is a project for ValuAmerica requiring 5 additional .Net development resources to complete the project. ValuAmerica will be paying for these resources and is in the process of signing a SOW for this project.

Contractors will be working on an ASP platform written in .NET code.
-The client is expanding in to Texas and additional resources are needed to assist with creating moduals within the existing platform. Resources will be testing requirements and writing code, working in conjunction with onsite team.

Must have:
Some Oracle DB experience

Interview will involve a phone screen plus onsite meeting.

This position will be located on the client site at: 113 Technology Drive Pittsburg PA 15275.!
General Information

Job Description:
NET Developers
Strong .NET Web development with C#/ C++ language with PL/SQL(stored procedures) on Oracle database as back end
Should have development skills with a well-rounded exposure to SDLC.
Good web development/batch processing experience.
Should have exposure to production support/monitoring and willing to support the system on a weekly or monthly rotational basis
The person should have good communication both written/spoken

Qualifications: To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skills, and/or abilities required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
Complexity of Work: Moderately routine; general policies applied. Some decision-making.
Education: Associate’s degree in related field required. Bachelor’s degree from a four year college or university preferred.
Experience: 1-3 years experience in the field or in a related area and 1-3 years programming experience in financial services or a related industry; or equivalent combination of education and experience.


*Either skills or additional skills are required
No items to display.
Additional Skills:

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

~Knowledge of interpersonal skills/team building
~Knowledge of applications/development methodologies
~Knowledge of appropriate operating systems, programming languages, and development tools
~Skill in project management
~Skill in operating independently
~Skill in exhibiting solid analysis, decision-making, and problem solving
~Skill in understanding and focusing on the clients’ needs and goals, establishing credibility and building relationships with clients
~Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing
~Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with employees, clients and public


Kyle Cooper
National Account Recruiter
Digital Intelligence Systems, LLC (DISYS)
19111 Dallas Parkway, Suite 170
Dallas, TX 75287
(o) 972.755.4171 | (c) 214.566.1269 |

This genius decided to send me an email for a job opening that has specific requirements listed. I don't have the experience that they are looking for, but yet he thinks that I'll be a "good fit" to fill this position.

Ashish Verma
Recruiter - Diverse Lynx (Princeton, NJ)
LinkedIn Profile

07/01/13 12:29 PM

Dear Christopher,

My name is Ashish and I'm an IT recruiter at Diverse Lynx. Your resume is in our database, probably obtained from the postings on job sites. We believe that you would be a good fit for the below position at Carmel, IN with our client.

Senior .net developer

Role: .Net Developer
Location: Carmel, Indiana
Primarily a .Net/ASP development position. Must have database strong development experience in Oracle 10/11g.

    ~Should have 5 to 6 years experience in .Net, and Oracle DB.
    ~Should be conversant and extremely hands-on in Oracle DB, Query tuning, Optimization etc.
    ~Must have development experience in Microsoft .Net.
    ~Should have excellent Oral and Written communication skills.
    ~Must be conversant with SDLC process.

This guy obviously never even read my resume or he would CLEARLY see that I do not have "strong development experience in Oracle databases" or that I am "extremely hands-on in Oracle DB, Query tuning, Optimization, etc." like the job description distinctly requires. In fact, my resume clearly states that I have very little exposure to Oracle, and that my strength is in MS SQL databases instead. But in his infinite wisdom he decided to waste my time and his in sending this email and calling me. Another classic example of a recruiter's goal of putting bodies in front of his client with no regard for actually doing the job he's paid to do.

Please do advise your interest in exploring this opportunity by providing your contact details and a good time to connect with you to discuss this in further details. If, however, you prefer to be contacted later, please advise your date of availability so that we can prospect suitable opportunities for you. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Ashish Verma

Diverse Lynx
300 Alexander Park, Suite # 200
Princeton, NJ 08540
Tel: (732) 452-1006 Ext.404

Note: Please allow me to reiterate that I chose to contact you either because your resume had been posted to one of the internet job sites to which we subscribe, or you had previously submitted your resume to Diverse Lynx. I assumed that you are either looking for a new employment opportunity, or you are interested in investigating the current job market.

If you are not currently seeking employment, or if you would prefer I contact you at some later date, please indicate your date of availability so that I may honor your request. In any event, I respectfully recommend you continue to avail yourself to the employment options and job market information we provide with our e-mail notices.

Thanks again.


Sarah Tonkin
Sarah Tonkin
Recruiter - Prestige Staffing (Greater Chicago area)
Company website
LinkedIn profile

On 4/18/13 9:28 PM, sarah tonkin wrote:
Hi Chris,

I came across your profile in my search for individuals with .Net expertise. I noticed on your profile that you have extensive experience with .Net technologies.  I am currently working on a full time position in Pittsburgh for a globally recognized leader in mobile computing. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please email me at Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon!

So this lady sends a message using someone else's account, has an email that doesn't really match her alleged name, and again ignores my disclaimer on my profile regarding recruiters. Something just doesn't seem right here.

Danna Jordan
Senior Recruiter
RCI Recruitment Solutions
550 Heritage Drive, Suite 200
Jupiter, FL 33458
Tel: (561) 277-1244
Alt: (678) 377-2008
LinkedIn profile
Company website

On 2/12/13 6:09 PM, Kristine Landry-Ross wrote:
Greetings Chris,

My name is Danna Jordan and I am a Senior Recruiter retained by my client, a leading technology company that saves lives by predicting workplace injuries, to search for their next Mobile Developer. I am reaching out to professionals with a background similar to our client’s requirements to ask if you know of anyone that might be qualified and interested in this fulltime opportunity. If you would, please review the job details below and contact me at if you have anyone that you might like to refer. Thank you!

Mobile Developer
Pittsburgh, PA

As one of their Mobile Developers, you will be working with cutting-edge technologies and highly skilled coworkers, while developing applications for the Android and iOS platforms and maintaining existing Android and iOS applications. You will also be tasked with automating the collection of safety-inspection data, and analyzing that data with deep reporting, analysis and workflow-management capabilities.

You will need a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (or related technical field), 3+ years of professional development experience, and 2+ years in developing Android and/or iOS applications. You will also need a working knowledge of Java, Eclipse, Android SDK, iOS, XCode, Objective C, OO design and analysis, and standard software development methodologies (i.e., RUP, Scrum, XP, and/or CMM). Prior experience with Blackberry development, JSP, WebLogic, SQLServer, JavaScript, AJAX, REST, SOAP, Java ME, Ant, Hudson, SubVersion, Ibatis, Unix, EJB v3.0 (JPA), C / C++, and UML is a plus.

Our Client is an Equal Opportunity Employer. the point...but still ingoring that I don't want to be contacted.

Leo Romeo
LinkedIn profile

On 1/23/13 9:31 PM, Leo Romeo wrote:
Hi Chris,

I am a recruiter with Millennium Pharmacy systems and due to growth have several software engineer positions coming soon. Based on your vast knowledge, I was wondering if you know anyone in transition or looking for a career change. positions are located in Cranberry twp, PA.

Thanks for your time,

Leo Romeo

Rich Baxendell
LinkedIn profile

On 1/22/13 7:25 PM, Rich Baxendell wrote:

I hope you are well. We are looking to hire several .NET developers as either contractors or salaried employees of Mindteck. The initial project is a .NET development project at PPG downtown. Your background appears to be a good fit. Let me know if you might be interested i looking at this. I look forward to hearing from you. Take care!


Nowhere on my profile or resume does it state that I have any kind of experience in Android development, or that I am anywhere near the level that they would need to be considered for the job. Once again this just goes to show how recruiters don't care who they put in front of their client as long as you have a pulse and can speak.

Roberta Seneca (through Jean Pucek's account)
Sr. Recruiter/HR/Sales
LinkedIn profile

On 1/17/13 8:55 PM, Jean Pucek wrote:

Good afternoon! IQ is assisting a client in their search for a Sr .NET developer with Android (mobile) skills. I saw your profile on LinkedIN and wanted to talk to you about your current situation, skills and career goals... if not for this position, but for future opportunities as well. Are you considering a change? Can you contact me via email? or you could call me 724-327-3441. If you are not looking, available or feel you are qualified for this, would you know of anyone else? This has been a hard one!! Thank you in advance for your consideration. Have a good day.

~Roberta Seneca
Part of the IQ recruiting team of Jean Pucek & Roberta Seneca

Apparently this guy is the owner of B&V Staffing here in Pittsburgh. Obviously he doesn't know of my previous exchange with his (now ex-employee) Nick because he's contacting me regarding the same exact position that Nick contacted me about earlier.

As a result I forwarded him a copy of my entire message thread between myself and Nick so that he would be well aware of my stance.

Anthony Bucci
B&V Staffing - Owner
Company websiteLinkedIn profile

On 12/11/12 7:46 AM, Anthony Bucci wrote:

Chris, hello, my name is Anthony Bucci and I own a staffing firm here in Pittsburgh called B&V Staffing, . I saw your name on Linked In and wanted to reach out. I may have emailed you in the past but I am sure you hear from a lot of people.

We have quite a few .NET opportunities and I wanted to see if you were interested....or maybe knew someone that might be keeping their eyes open.

I attached a description from one of my best clients in Sq Hill but I am working on others located in the North Shore and Wexford. I can tell you much more if you are interested. Take care and have a great day.


We are doing work with a local technology company called M*Modal, . M*Modal is a fast moving speech technology company based in Pittsburgh, PA. Their portfolio of conversational speech recognition and natural language understanding technologies is widely recognized as the most advanced in the industry. They are a leading innovator in the field of conversational documentation services (CDS) where speech recognition and natural language understanding are combined in a unique setup targeted to truly understand conversational speech and turn it into actionable and meaningful data.

M*Modal is growing and is looking for a talented, highly motivated .Net Software Engineers. would be a plus as well as education in Computer Science or related field. One of the positions requires strong customer interaction as well as Strong Development skills. Thanks for your time and have a great day.


Nicholas Ricchiuto
Technical Recruiter at AEC Staffing (Previously employed at B&V Staffing)
LinkedIn profile

On 3/30/12 2:15 PM, Nicholas Ricchiuto wrote:

Hello Chris, how are you? Are you keeping your eyes open for new software engineer opportunities? Please take a look below and let me know your thoughts. Thank you!


I am working with a company called Multimodal ( ) and looking to hire a C#.NET Software Engineer for permanent/full-time employment. MModal develops “speech recognition” technologies that are used in the medical profession and widely recognized as the most advanced in the industry. We have worked on-site there for the last 2 years and it is truly an awesome organization.

MModal has just purchased a small company based out of Lawrenceville and is seeking a Mid or Sr. Level .NET Software Engineer to be part of this new team. In this position, you will be working with very talented software engineers developing speech recognition software products. I’ve provided some information about MModal below. Since this is a new position, I do not have a job description yet but I’d be happy to tell you more about MModal and this opportunity.

MModal is a very financially sound company and has about 100 employees. It offers a flexible work environment, competitive pay, bonus potential, benefits package, 401K, and room for growth and advancement. MModal hires very smart and talented engineers so you would be part of a very good team with the ability to get your hands on a lot of different technologies. The location is in the business district on Murray Ave in Squirrel Hill and is surrounded by residential streets for free parking.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response. If you would like to be considered, please send an updated copy of your resume to Thank you!



Nicholas Ricchiuto
Recruiting Manager
B&V Staffing Inc.

This was Nick's response to the message that I send back to these people. Quite professional coming from someone who is supposed to be representing you to the client.

On 03/30/12 8:43 AM, Nicholas Ricchiuto wrote:

Relax Chris, you are not in a database, you are on a "professional networking site" called Linked In. You know nothing about me as a recruiter or my profession. It does not say anywhere on your profile that you do not want to be contacted about career opportunities. I also think the people who I place into permanent positions with very good software companies would have a different opinion of me.

The bottom line is this. I contacted you because you have good experience as a .NET Software Engineer and you are also degreed in Computer Science. Those are the people I'm trying to network with. If having people contact you through a professional networking site, that you put yourself onto, bothers you so much as to write a ridiculously long response with silly threats, I'd suggest removing yourself from the networking site.

Also, you grouping me with all recruiters as jerks is unfair. That is like saying that because I had a bad experience with you, all Software Engineers are jerks.

Furthermore, I wouldn't place a miserable person like you at my client's site because I do care about the people I work with. You have a good as well!


Nick then sent this message after he realized that my profile does indeed say not to contact me if you are a recruiter

On 03/30/12 8:51 AM, Nicholas Ricchiuto wrote:

Oh, I do see at the bottom of your page that you do not want to be contacted. My fault.

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